“I can do general housekeeping. I can take care children as well. I can cook Indonesia foods, a little bit Chinese foods, and some vegetarian foods. I will work hard and be good.”

Personal information

First nameSupiatun
Last nameXXXXXXXX [Login / Register to view]
Phone numberXXXXXXXXXX [Login / Register to view]
Preferred contact methodWhatsapp

Looking For

AvailableFull Time
Available for temporary work around
Eid holiday (Infal)
Starting dateAs soon as possible
Job positionHousekeeper, Cook, Nanny
AccommodationLive In
Work locationSouth Jakarta

Past experience

Housekeeping experience2 Years
Baby care experience (0 to 1 year old)0 Years
Toddler care experience (1 to 3 year old)2 Years
Child care experience (4 years old and above)0 Years
Cooking experience Indonesian
Elderly care experience 1 Years
Petcare experience Yes ()

Special experience

Has worked for foreign employers Chinese Family
Has worked overseas Singapore, for 2 Years

Additional skills and interests

English Can speak a little bit
Other languages No
Is comfortable working with dogs Yes
Owns and drives her own motorcycle No

Supporting documents