• Singapore (2005-2006) – Chinese family – I looked after a newborn, cleaned and cooked
  • Singapore (2006-2012) – Indian Family – Cleaning and cooking (reference letter available)
  • Jakarta (2012-2013) – Pakistani family – Caring for children aged 7 months and 2 years ( reference letter available)
  • Jakarta(2013-2016) – Dutch family – Caring for a child (2 years old), and a newborn up, I also helped with cleaning (reference letter available)
  • Jakarta (2016-2017) – Dutch family – Caring for twins (2 years old) and cleaning
  • Jakarta (2019-2020) – Korean family – Caring for a child aged 2 and cleaning. I quit because the employer needed someone ‘live-in’. (reference letter available)
  • Jakarta (2020 – 3 months) – Italian family – I looked after an 8 months old child but my employment ended due to COVID (the employer can be contacted for further background check)

Cooking: I can prepare a variety of Indonesian food, and some Indian food too.

Training: Triyani has completed Kasicare’s online training “how to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic” and successfully passed the final exam with a score over 80%. (Certificate of Completion available below)

Personal information

First nameTriyani
Last nameXXXXXXXX [Login / Register to view]
Phone numberXXXXXXXXXX [Login / Register to view]
Preferred contact methodWhatsapp, anytime

Looking For

AvailableFull Time
Job positionNanny

Past experience

Housekeeping experience6 Years
Baby care experience (0 to 1 year old)2 Years
Toddler care experience (1 to 3 year old)3 Years
Child care experience (4 years old and above)2 Years
Cooking experienceNone
Elderly care experience 0 Years
Petcare experience No ()

Special experience

Has worked overseas Singapore, for 6 Years

Additional skills and interests

English I am fluent
Other languages No
Owns and drives her own motorcycle No

Supporting documents

Completion Certificate - COVID-19 safety